Diagnostic Services

FPAB is committed to serve its clients with fast, accurate, reasonably priced, most convenient Diagnostic services. 21 diagnostic labs attached with 21 branches are equipped with most modern state of art diagnostic equipment to fulfil doctor’s and client’s expectations.

FPAB is committed to providing the most convenient, friendliest diagnostic services for its clients and for the referred clients from other hospitals and medical practitioners. FPAB diagnostic centres are registered in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh and have collaboration with respective specialist pathologists and radiographers for providing quality diagnostic reports. FPAB diagnostic Facilities is quickly gaining the market share becoming the most reliable center for all sorts of diagnostic tests.


our primary objective is serving our own clients with highest quality of care. The second objective is to serve clients referred by other hospitals and medical practitioners of respective region.  So, there are two distinct market segments FPAB is serving in relation to diagnostic facilities.


FPAB diagnostic services offers a comprehensive diagnostic tests for its client base. Following are the tests in broad headings:

  • Laboratory Services:
  • All routine blood, urine tests, biochemical, Histopathological, hormone assay, electrolyte assay, molecular assay, vital organ functionality tests
  • Ultrasonogram.
  • ECG.
  • X-ray – 500 MA