Mission & Vision

FPAB adopts the following as its Mission & Vision for the realization of the present Strategic Framework


FPAB adopts the following as its mission for the realization of the present Strategic Framework:

  • Improvement of quality of lives of individuals, especially the poor and vulnerable people, by campaigning for sexual health and reproductive rights through advocacy and provision of the relevant services;
  • Defense of the rights of all young people to enjoy their sexual lives free from ill-health, unwanted pregnancy, violence and discrimination;
  • Supports women’s right to choose to terminate her pregnancy legally and safely;
  • Efforts to eliminate Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and to eradicate HIV/AIDS;
  • Build partnership with the stakeholders to ensure relevance of its work and to achieve organizational sustainability.


A world in which every woman, man and young person have access to information and services they need, in which sexuality is recognized both as natural and precious aspects of our lives and as a fundamental human right, and a world in which choices are fully respected and where stigma and discrimination has no place.