TararMela (gathering of stars) is a dedicated youth led platform situated one with each branch office of FPAB. Hear youth have fun, learn and can grow with their full potential. TararMela has been established with a view to providing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) sessions both at School and out of School’s youth, ensure Youth Friendly SRH Services (YFS) and creating supportive environment so that young people can grow with their full potential to be a future leader. TararMela’s are decorated with furniture, computers, IEC/BCC Learning materials, TV/DVD, multimedia projector, musical instrument, game materials and so on. TararMela comprises different facilities for young people includes;

  • There is obvious provision of CSE session with school, Madrasha & out school adolescent girls & boys.
  • Providing counseling services (physically and over telephone) by the youth counselors- one male and one female. They are providing services with a non judgmental attitude and maintain confidentiality of the information received from young clients.
  • Have opportunity of Library from where Young people easily get Messages included puberty related changes, HIV/AIDS, menstrual management, wet dream, masturbation, sexual & gender based violence, safe abortion (MR), and sexual diversity etc.
  • Young people (married) get easy access of contraceptive services and SRH medical services
  • Young people get facilities for computer training, Internet browsing, Singing and dancing events, news paper reading etc
  • Talent competition like drawing, essay/story/rhyme writing, debate has been organizing to evaluate the knowledge and values of young people
  • There is question box where young people put their question unanimously and youth counselors prepare answers and hang them on the board for their information.
  • Establish 21 mini youth parliament in 21 TararMela and elected 336 representatives at branch level and National youth parliament along 42 representatives. The objectives of the parliament are to bring Bangladeshi young people together for discussion on topics which pertain to them.
  • Create youth volunteers included National Youth Counselors, Youth parliament members (YPM), FPAB Youth parliament executive Committee members (FYPEC) & Different Youth clubs committee members.

Not only young people but also public representatives, civil society representatives, government officials, parents, even high profiled foreign delegates visited and appreciated FPAB’s initiative of building such youth friendly centers.